Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Tripotassium citrate טרטיצ םויסטופירט

Tri Potassium Citrate Monohydrate is a while crystallineproduct.

Formula: C6H5K3O7.H2O
Molecular weight: 324.42
Appearance: White crystals
Taste: Saline taste
Odor: Practically odorless
Solubility (gr./100 ml at 25°C): In water: 154
In ethanol: Insoluble.

Tri Potassium Citrate Monohydrate meets the
Standards of the Food Chemical Codex IV, the United States
Pharmacopoeia XXIII, the British Pharmacopoeia 93, and
the European Pharmacopoeia.

MAIN USES: - Replaces Tri Sodium Citrate, whenever required to reduce the sodium content.
- Used in the cheese and beverage industry, as well as for the production of jam and juices.

25kg. Or 50 Lb Polyethylene-lined multi-wall paper bags,
palletized and stretch-wrapped. Big bags and other packing
available on request.

Kosher certificates are available on request.

Store in a cool and dry place to prevent caking as the product
is very hygroscope.

Raw Materials for the food Industry parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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