Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Pregelatinized Modified Starch EMJEL EP 820 c EMJEL EP. 820 c סמנ דבועמ ןלימע

Emjel EP 820 C
Pregelatinized potato starch derivative, applied as thickening and
texturing agent for the manufacture of instant bakery cream powders.

Product Specifications
Type of product: cold swelling modified potato starch
EEC No.: E 1414
Appearance: fine, white powder
Moisture: max. 70 mg/g
pH value (5 % conc.): 6,0 - 7,5
Ash: max. 10 mg/g

Physical properties
Solubility: cold water swelling
Structure: short
Taste and odour: neutral
Stability: good
Viscosity: approx. 8.000 mPa.s
Measuring method:
5 g Emjel EP 820 C are premixed with 10 g powdered sugar.
Whilst stirring with a mixer the mixture is added to 85 ml water;
stirring time 2 min. After 10 min. standing at 20 °C the viscosity is
measured with a Brookfield viscosimeter, type HAT, spindle 4, 20 rpm.

Functional properties
Emjel EP 820 C distinguishes itself by good viscosity stability and
gives in cold water short, medium viscous solutions.
Besides this starch has a good, mild acid stability,
a good baking and freeze thaw stability.
Bakery products manufactured with Emjel EP 820 C show a short,
creamy texture and good mouth feeling properties.

Emjel EP 820 C is applied as thickening and texturing agent for the manufacture
of instant baking cream powders, butter creams and toppings with good stabilizing,
freeze thaw and baking properties. For the application in instant sauces,
cream and dressing powders it can be used as thickening and stabilizing
agent with good texturing and foam stabilizing properties.

Basic recipe for the manufacture of an instant bakery cream powder
Emjel EP   820 C 20,0 - 25,0 %
Powdered sugar   38,0 - 47,0 %
Milk powder (1)   30,0 - 35,0 %
Gelling agent (2)   1,5 - 2,5 %
Colouring/flavouring   as desired

(1) Skimmed and whole milk powder or in combination with a whipping agent.
(2) Alginate grades, as e.g. Aubygel-, Genulacta-, Gelloid-, Sobalg-types,
or in combination with Tetrasodiumpyrophosphate.

300 - 350 g of the powdered mixture are stirred after addition in
1 litre cold water (appr. 20 C°) for 2 - 3 min.
with a mixer or whisk. After 15 - 20 min. standing the cream is ready for use.

Raw Materials for the food Industry parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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