Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Pregelatinized Modified Starch EMJEL P EMJEL P סמנ דבועמ ןלימע

Emjel P
Pregelatinized potato starch derivative, applied as binding and thickening agent in
instant pudding and dessert, creams, bakery products and snacks.

Product Specifications
Type of product: cold swelling modified potato starch
EEC No.: E 1412 Appearance: fine white powder Moisture:max. 60 mg/g
pH value (5 % conc.): 5,0 - 7,0
Ash: max. 10 mg/g

Physical properties
Solubility: cold water swelling
Structure: short
Taste and odour: neutral
Stability: good
Viscosity:appr. 8000 mPa.s
Measuring method:
15 g Emjel P are mixed with 25 ml ethanol (96 %).
Then 260 ml dist. water are added under stirring with a glass rod;
stirring time 1 minute. After 20 minutes standing at appr. 20 C°
the viscosity is measured with a Brookfield viscosimeter, type RVT, 20 rpm.

Specific functional properties
Emjel P has a good water binding ability and gives in cold water transparent,
short, high viscous solutions.
Due to the rapid water absorption in cold water this starch product has to
be premixed with other ingredients as for example sugar in order to avoid
lump formation. Besides this starch has a certain heat, acid and shear-stability
and good expansion regulating properties.

Emjel P is recommended as
- binding and thickening agent with good texturing and stabilizing properties
in instant pudding and dessert as well as other instant food products
- binding and texturing agent with good expansion and taste regulating properties,
mainly for the manufacture of extruded, indirectly expanded snack products
- binding and thickening agent with good consistency regulating properties
in bakery products, e.g. doughs, cake mixes, biscuits

Basic recipe for the manufacture of instant pudding powder
Emjel P 16 - 20 g
Powdered sugar 60 g
Tetrasodiumpyro- or diphosphate 1,8 - 2,0 g
Calciumacetate or -lactate 0,8 - 1,0 g
Colouring/flavouring as desired

The powdered mixture is stirred into 500 ml milk (appr. 20 C°) with a mixer.
After 15 - 20 min. standing the pudding has the required consistency.

Raw Materials for the food Industry parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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