Raw Materials for the food Industry
Modified Starch EMGUM 100 B EMGUM 100 B

Emgum 100 B
Thinboiling potato starch derivative, used as gelling and binding agent with
excellent transparency for the manufacture of gums, jellies and liquorice products.

Product Specifications
Type of product: modified potato starch
EEC No.: E 1404 / E 1420
Appearance: white powder
Moisture content:max. 200 mg/g
pH value:5,0 - 6,5
Ash: max. 10 mg/g
Physical properties
Solubility: completely soluble after boiling
Clarity: good transparency
Texture: gummylike in high concentrated solution
Taste and odour: neutral
Stability: good
Specific functional properties
Whilst boiling Emgum 100 B gives very transparent, low viscous solutions which slightly
gelatinize after cooling down. Due to the strongly decreased tendency to retrograde
Emgum 100 B stands out for the clarity of the herewith manufactured end products.
Emgum 100 B can be used as replacement of gum Arabic and gelatine.
By means of an additional combination with gelatine or other starch derivatives the
properties of the jellies and gums can be varied over a wide range.
Furthermore Emgum 100 B has a good solubility at high dry substance in high-sugared
and salty media as well as a good stability at high temperature and a
good moulding ability without thread formation.
As a very low viscous starch with a low gelatinization temperature Emgum 100 B
can be applied with a max. concentration of appr. 35 %.

Emgum 100 B is particularly used as gelling, binding and gelatinizing agent with
good texturing properties in clear fruit gums, hard and soft starch gelatine jellies
as well as salt and sweet liquorice products.

Basic recipes and processing for the manufacture
of clear fruit and wine gums with Emgum 100 B

Process conditions
a) Cooking
continuous process:
preparation temperature: appr. 60 C
concentration (DS): 70 - 72 Bx
cooking temperature: appr. 130 C

b) batch process:
preparation temperature: appr. 80 C
concentration (DS): 70 - 72 Bx
Cooking until a completely clear solution is obtained.
Moulding temperature 70 - 75 C
Moulding concentration 74 - 78 Bx
Moulding viscosity appr. 2000 mPa.s
Drying hard gums: appr. 24 hrs at 55 - 60 C till
end moisture content of 8 - 10 %
soft gums: 24 - 48 hrs at appr. 20 C till Emgum
end moisture content of appr. 16 % 100 B

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