Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Modified Starch EMFLO KPS200 6% EMFLO KPS 200 6% דבועמ ןלימע

Emflo KPS 200 (6 % / 20 %)
Potato starch derivatives, applied as universal binding, thickening and texturing agents
in soup powder, sauces, snacks and meat products.

Product Specifications
Type of product: modified potato starch
EEC No.: E 1412
Appearance: white powder
Moisture content:max. 70 mg/g resp. 200 mg/g
pH value:5,5 - 7,0
Ash: max. 10 mg/g

Physical properties
Solubility: completely soluble after boiling
Texture: short
Taste and odour: neutral

Specific functional properties
Emflo KPS 200 (6%/20%) gives whilst boiling in low concentration very high
viscous and clear solutions with short texture. Furthermore these starches
have good temperature and shear stability, even in mild acid solutions and
besides they have good taste, moisture and expansion regulating properties.
Emflo KPS 200 can be applied with a concentration till approx. 4 %.
Due to its low moisture Emflo KPS 200 (6 %) is particularly suitable for soup powder.

As binding and thickening agents with taste and moisture regulating properties
Emflo KPS 200 (6%/20%) are applied in soup and sauce powder,
custards and meat products. Besides these starches are used as binding and
texturing agents with good expansion and taste regulating properties
for manufacturing extruded, directly expanded snack products.

Basic recipe for manufacturing soup powder (e.g. tomato soup powder)

Emflo KPS 200 (6 %) approx. 23 %
Skimmed milk powder approx. 19 %
Fat powder approx.15 %
Sugar approx. 15 %
Salt approx. 8 %
Tomato powder approx. 20 %
Flavouring as desired

Approx. 65 g of the powdered mixture are stirred into 500 ml cold
water and are brought to boil whilst continuously stirring.

Basic recipe for the manufacture of directly expanded snacks

Potato powder approx. 25 %
Emflo KPS 200 (20 %) approx. 50 %
Emjel P or Emjel P 50 approx. 20 %
Maltodextrin (DE 20) approx. 2,5 %
Emulsifier (GMS) approx. 0,5 %
Salt approx. 2 %
Colour and flavouringas desired

Process conditions
Moisture content of basic mixture: 16 - 20 %
Extrusion temperature: 130 - 160 C°
Compression ratio: 1 : 4
Screw speed: 200 rpm
Moisture content after extrusion: 6 - 8 %
After drying:till approx. 3 %

Raw Materials for the food Industry parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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