Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Modified Starch EMES E/E EMES E/E דבועמ ןלימע

Emes E/E
Potato starch derivative, used as binding and thickening agent in soups,
sauces, pasta products and canned foods.

Product Specifications
Type of product: modified potato starch
EEC No.: E 1420
Appearance:white powder
Moisture content:max. 200 mg/g
pH value: appr. 6,0
Ash: max. 10 mg/g

Physical properties
Solubility:completely soluble after boiling
Texture: slightly long
Taste and odour: neutral
Viscosity:the graph is showing the viscosities of Emes E/E
in comparison with native potato starch

Specific functional properties
Whilst boiling, Emes E/E gives high viscous, clear and stable solutions with a
slightly long texture. Emes E/E has good temperature stability,
even in mild-acid solutions.
At longer storage Emes E/E does not show any retrogradation and is also
freeze-thaw-stable. In comparison with native potato starch Emes
E/E has a lower gelatinization temperature and more clear and stable solutions,
even after longer storage time.

As universal binding and thickening agent with good texturing properties
Emes E/E is applied in soups, sauces, pasta products (noodles),
canned and deep-frozen foods.

Manufacturing of instant noodles
Emes E/E is typically used for instant noodles in the following way:
Ingredients Parts
Wheat flour
Emes E/E
Sodium and potassium carbonate
Water 58
0,5 - 1,5
0,05 - 0,15
0 - 0,15
appr. 29
The addition of water must be equal a moisture content
of the final dough of about 32 to 35 %.

- Mix water, salt, carbonates and hydrocolloids
- Add wheat flour and starch to make a dough
- Let rest for 10 - 15 minutes
- Form the sheets
- Cutting
- Steaming (appr. 100 C° for appr. 2 minutes)
- Frying (appr. 130 - 140 °C for 70 - 90 seconds)
- Total process time: 30 - 50 minutes
- Final product: Moisture: 3 - 7 %
- Fat: 10 - 20 %

Raw Materials for the food Industry parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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