Raw Materials for the food Industry ןוזמ תיישעתל םלג ירמוח
Native potato starch המדא יחופת ןלימע

Product specifications
Colour: white
Taste and odour: neutral
Moisture: max. 20 % for special applications one can use the dried potato starch
qualities e.g. max. 14,0 / 12,0 / 10,0 / 8,5 / 6,0 and 4,0 %
Crude protein: max. 0,13 % on dry basis
Crude fat: traces only
Ash: max. 0,3 % on dry basis
Sulphur dioxide: max. 10 mg/kg
pH value: 6,0 - 8,0

During boiling Potato Starch Superior yields very viscous, transparent solutions with a long structure.
During cooling and storing a certain turbidity and increase of the viscosity starts.
By strong shear force and in the pH range of 5 and below viscosity decreases.
Potato Starch Superior is a universal binder and thickener for many applications in the food industry, e.g.
- sauces and soups
- canned vegetables
- convenience food
- meat products
- potato products
- snacks
- various dusting applications in the bakery trade
- ready flours

For dry soups and other powdery food products preferentially
Potato Starch Superior with a maximal moisture of 8,5 % or 6 % is used to improve the shelf life and flowability.

parent Raw Materials for the food Industry

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